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2024 trends in remote work: Chatbot and ChatOps

Published on
April 25, 2024
Phoenix Baker
Product Manager
Lana Steiner
Product Designer
Drew Cano
Frontend Engineer
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Good communication is vital for human flourishing. It allows us to gain agreement on common goals, close business transactions, and nurture positive relationships, in short, to operate.

For business relations, email has been the undisputed king of communication since the internet became popular, but recent trends have proved chat as a viable alternative to running your daily operations successfully.

One of the factors impacting the exponential growth of chats is the increasing power of team communication tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams that provide extensive integrations and APIs for all possible needs.

Moreover, workers all over the world are making use of chatbots to automate workflows within their organizations or more simple custom commands to speed up the exchange of information between colleagues.

Send and receive reports in the chat

Industries historically distant from technology like healthcare and banking are doubling up their efforts on providing customers and workers alike with tools to improve their experience: medical centers are automating processes and helping patients check into their appointments painlessly, for instance.

Banks are also taking advantage of chatbots to create a more seamless experience with their customers. Not only their providing answers to inquiring clients, but reviewing and adjusting accounts, or sending them reminders when something is up. Although incredible, this is now all possible with a single chatbot, which is why we curated these facts about chatbots so you can see their use in this 2024 to improve your operations.

As an all-in-one chat toolkit to improve team collaboration, DailyBot provides a unique framework for tackling common problems at remote work. 

Commands is a tool that helps you create personalized shortcuts or “bot commands” for the chat. With a feature like this, users from Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat can integrate snippets of information to their conversations with a single word. But teams can also make use of the APIs or Zapier integrations to automate workflows, leading to a more fluid team collaboration and operation.

We’ve come a long way from IMs and public chat rooms in IRC. Today businesses leverage the power of the chat to improve their customer experience. This is where integrations come in handy. If you wanted to explore the possibilities of sending reports across platforms, you could simply use a Zapier integration to send and bring data back to your chat, after all, it’s been proven that public chats improve visibility and accountability in teams.

Pepper, the bot with a soul, facilitating human connection

Chatbots have also helped in the raise of a new trend in business operations: ChatOps. ChatOps is the conversational experience done right. More than a tight method, it involves a series of guidelines to run your operations from a chat interface.

People, processes and technology come together to create a workflow based on automation, transparency and efficiency. The chat serves as a bridge between the team conversations and the actions that are happening under the hood running the business.

Exploring the results of adopting this trend explains why it has taken off in the first place: A Slack survey showed how the chat environment helped teams increase their productivity by 32% and reduced their internal email load by 48.6%.

Now of course teams have been using similar tools to help themselves, but we’ve seen a significant improvement in how our chat tools are built over the years, plus an adoption of new behaviors in people that have reduced miscommunication.

Besides, the mechanisms in which human communication and technology interacted have evolved themselves, and ChatOps brings it all together, beyond the adverse conditions that have driven a mass adoption of the remote workforce, to a future for work where people, processes and technology can coexist as naturally as the conversation.

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