Organize your teams easily with DailyBot: a free, secure
alternative to Troopr

Project management that feels natural: create your own teams and run easy agile
check-ins, track your remote team morale, reward great initiatives, and improve planning with custom commands.

We have a strong core of features with extensibility

Get the best of project management within a single platform. Our web app is ready with a wide range of chatbot features, advanced privacy and security measures, APIs and webhooks, and Zapier integrations. Use our dashboard to search through your entire history or check specific reports with our activity feed.

Don't pay for something you might never use

Troopr takes your current user count in Slack to charge you, which means that anyone within your workspace will add up to your bill.

DailyBot offers a flat fee per user that you can control with advanced billing features like autojoin, to prevent unrelated users to get billed within your team.

Join the teams taking advantage of over 2,000+ Zapier integrations with DailyBot

Sync to Evernote, Mindmeister, Google Drive, Forms, Todoist, Airtable, Asana and many many more apps.

Double up your results on team engagement

Troopr's basic "squad" feature gives you a way to group users, but it doesn't take it far. DailyBot offers a powerful role management and default options to ensure each team can tailor their own experiences.

Configure follow-ups and team check-ins individually and give each member the power of setting up their own preferences.

If you work on a big team or collaborate with contractors, take advantage of our native integrations with Slack Enterprise Grid and Slack Connect.

Work at your terms and use your own language

Troopr offers daily stand-ups in English, DailyBot takes it a step further with Spanish and Portuguese support as well, anonymous responses, custom work days, and granular stand-up exports to PDF, CSV and XLS to free teams of any constraints.

With enough integrations to reinvent the wheel

Troopr uses a basic agile mindset to help you with your workflow, DailyBot empowers the self-starters that make things happen.

Modularity is at the heart of what we do. Use our easy, yet extensive set of features to manage your follow-ups and create team sessions around it.

Enhance your workflow with our native integrations for JIRA, Trello, and BitBucket.

DailyBot works for you, and these extra benefits reflect that

Troopr was thought of for agile frameworks. DailyBot was built for an agile team that found it really hard to keep such a tool for themselves. We're building on real, context-based human needs.

Show team appreciation in real time

Take advantage of our built-in kudos functionality to cheer people up. Start conversations out of your follow-up reports by rewarding great initiatives right from the chat box.

Keep an eye on the energy of the room

Our web app allows you to navigate reports in a simple way. Export reports, manage users and privacy, see mood metrics and leaderboards. It's all in one place.

Empower yourself and others to try new things

Integrate contextual data into your chat flows. Use custom commands to automate tasks, keep important info handy, or just have fun with your team by creating lighthearted flows with public APIs.

DailyBot vs Troopr

Free-tier plan
Daily stand-ups in Slack
Daily stand-ups in Google Chat
Daily stand-ups in Microsoft Teams
Responses on the web
Fill previous responses
Export follow-ups to PDF, CSV, XLS
Manage multiple independent teams/sub-teams
Email digests
Use follow-up templates
Organization work time
Vacation mode
Zapier integration
Give Kudos
Create custom commands
Adaptable privacy levels
Advanced API
2FA Security
Session timeout configuration
Columns-based report visualization
Promote company values with kudos
Professionally audited
mental health templates
Responsive design

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DailyBot is also the alternative for Geekbot