ScrumGenius vs DailyBot

Looking for a ScrumGenius alternative? Thousands of teams all over the world are picking DailyBot for its simple, yet robust interface, and its friendly, conversational bot to increase communication, improve decision-making, and boost team morale.

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DailyBot offers better ways to manage your time

Kickstart every week the right way with custom work days for you and your team. If you're working distributed, ScrumGenius single-work-days approach is not enough. DailyBot let you set up individual work days so everyone's only notified about work stuff when they're available.

Need more precision? Set up your own start working time and get in sync with your team. No more surprises.

Do more in chat and web. Find the right integrations

ScrumGenius leaves you with no options in the chat, but you can increase productivity and collaboration with our built-in commands for reports, settings, and more.

When using the chat isn't enough, ask DailyBot for the dashboard and open up a sea of possibilities right from your browser: change the bot/app's language, set a new default team, export the report of a specific date in PDF, XLSX or CSV, or go further and integrate with Trello, Bitbucket, or JIRA, you name it.

Need even more integrations?
Find 2,000+ ways to automate success
with Zapier and DailyBot

Sync everything, from Asana, Airtable, and Google Sheets, to GMail, Trello, Typeform, Dropbox and many many more apps.

Managers, get reports
on private channels
and other perks

Whether you're a manager or just a concerned teammate, with DailyBot now you can send your follow-up reports to any of your private channels in Slack. It takes less than 30 seconds to set up.

Also, ScrumGenius can give you private reports from the start, but so does DailyBot, plus extra benefits like anonymous responses, time limits, more date time and frequency options, and custom question types.

DailyBot gives you 3x value for the same price

Not only you get a more personalized view of your follow-up reports, DailyBot offers additional products like kudos, custom commands and motivation tracking at no extra cost.

If you're an Enterprise, get volume pricing and configure automatic restrictions so you're only billed for the users that really need it. Get instant upgrades on security and privacy, richer functionality, and priority support.

You can also take advantage of our native integration with Slack Enterprise Grid and Slack Connect.

More power with our
APIs and Webhooks

If you're looking for a completely custom experience, you can create your own workflows based on DailyBot's data. Use our API to fire requests to your own service endpoints securely, or trigger notifications outside the chatbox with your recent-made webhooks.

Our infrastructure is solid and built to protect service availability, scalability, privacy and security.

DailyBot was built for team collaboration

ScrumGenius doesn't consider the complete journey
to successful team collaboration. We do.

for team thinking

Build rapport between your team by aligning everyone to your company values. Improve your team culture with in-depth kudos analysis from leaderboards and targeted data.

for teamwork

Maximize your teammates strengths over time with our set of metrics and leaderboards on team morale. Anticipate conversations by reading the general mood, coach, inspire.

for equal participation

Active interest and engagement improves overall efficiency. Creating custom commands encourage participation among peers and innovative thinking.

Comparing Dailybot vs ScrumGenius

The truth will out

3x the value for the same price, we say?
See line by line how DailyBot is doing it.
Free-tier plan
Daily stand-ups in Slack
Daily stand-ups in Google Chat
Daily stand-ups in Microsoft Teams
Responses on the web
Fill previous responses
Export follow-ups to PDF, CSV, XLS
Manage multiple independent teams/sub-teams
Email digests
Use follow-up templates
Custom work time
Vacation mode
Zapier integration
Give Kudos
Create custom commands
Adaptable privacy levels
Advanced API
2FA Security
Session timeout configuration
Columns-based report visualization
Promote company values with kudos
Professionally audited
mental health templates
Responsive design

Thousands of startups and enterprises use DailyBot to improve team collaboration

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Great remote teams from all over the world are picking DailyBot over ScrumGenius for its easy & flexible use, rich functionality, and friendly billing.

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