DailyBot is the simpler Polly alternative for
real-time feedback

Whether you use our predefined templates or create your own, DailyBot allows you to easily create, edit, and review customer feedback, all from a single platform.

Don't get lost with all the options

You can make DailyBot truly yours through our extensive set of features for feedback gathering, but you don't really have to customize it to get a great deal out of it.

Our easy-to-use platform is deeply integrated with the chatbot to work out of the box: you can create a survey and immediately answer it on the app, move to a private message to edit it on Slack, Teams or Google Chat, and analyze the data from our activity feed in an organize manner.

The right customization is now easier than ever

DailyBot offers a cleaner interface for you to find only what you need, when you need it. Automate your entire feedback cycle with custom work times, multi-language support on the bot (English, Spanish, and Portuguese with more coming soon), privacy settings, channel reporting, deadlines, custom teams and more.

Join the teams taking advantage of over 2,000+ Zapier integrations with DailyBot

Sync to Google Forms, Datadeck, Visible, Data Studio, Klipfolio, Todoist, Airtable, Monkeylearn and many many more apps.

Define roles and teams for your organization

Polly's model uses your Slack workspace to create a one-size-fits-all team experience. DailyBot allows you to group people up in any way you can.

All teams are independent of the chat platforms, so you can add the same users to different pair-ups and enjoy a curated feedback experience in return. Create roles for different actors within your organization and let them run their own campaigns, customize workflows, and manage digests on their own by email or using our export feature in PDF, XLS or CSV.

If you need more, DailyBot also runs with your Slack Enterprise Grid environment natively, and you can extend your report sharing process with Slack Connect.

Pricing as simple as possible, but not simpler

Get unlimited users on any plans and pay a flat fee when you're ready to scale. Our advanced billing options allow you to control who can join into your organization and prevent unwanted charges.
All paid plans include unlimited history, advanced report exports, timezone flexibility, kudos and mood tracking.

An enterprise-ready solution

Polly assumes your workflow, DailyBot helps organizations do their own thing. Enhance your workflow with our native integrations for JIRA, Trello, and BitBucket. Use our APIs, webhooks, and Zapier triggers to automate or customize report delivery and data analysis.

Airtight SLA and priority support policies, even tighter privacy and security ones.

Simplify your decision making with DailyBot

Want a bigger picture? Feedback gathering isn't complete without these perks:

Cheer for your teammates with Kudos

Take advantage of our built-in kudos functionality to cheer people up. Start conversations out of your follow-up reports by rewarding great initiatives right from the chat box.

Inspire your team everyday with visual motivators

Our web app allows you to navigate reports in a simple way. Export reports, manage users and privacy, see mood metrics and leaderboards. It's all in one place.

Run at your pace with custom commands

Integrate contextual data into your chat flows. Use custom commands to automate tasks, keep important info handy, or just have fun with your team by creating lighthearted flows with public APIs.

So Why DailyBot?

Free-tier plan
Daily stand-ups in Slack
Daily stand-ups in Google Chat
Daily stand-ups in Microsoft Teams
Responses on the web
Fill previous responses
Export follow-ups to PDF, CSV, XLS
Manage multiple teams/sub-teams
Email digests
Use follow-up templates
Custom work time
Vacation mode
Zapier integration
Give Kudos
Create custom commands
Adaptable privacy levels
Advanced API
2FA Security
Session timeout configuration
Columns-based report visualization
Promote company values with kudos
Professionally audited
mental health templates

Thousands of startups and enterprises use DailyBot to improve team collaboration

Get instant feedback the DailyBot way.

Great remote teams from all over the world are picking DailyBot over Polly for its easy & flexible use, rich functionality, and friendly billing.

‍Set it up in less than 30 seconds.

Also the alternative for Standuply