Bring ChatGPT and AI Workflows to your Work Chat.

Break through any mental blocks with DailyBot's new AI superpowers.

Your Knowledgeable Teammate

DailyBot now has a vast amount of knowledge and can provide accurate and helpful answers to a wide range of questions without you leaving the chat.

Unleashing the Potential of AI Innovations

We use a robust AI tech stack to ensure DailyBot will quickly process and analyze data, allowing the bot to provide prompt and concise responses to users.

A Friendly Giant

DailyBot's friendly and approachable personality makes it easy for users to interact with it and feel comfortable asking for assistance in their daily work.
Smart Assistance

Zen through your routine with an AI in your chat.

Get into the flow of your daily routine
with your own AI-powered chat assistant.
Smart Automation

Flow with ease with
AI-powered workflows.

Flow through to-dos and dones effortlessly using
automation and generative content generation.
🔭 See more with ChatGPT

Unearth your team's
hidden patterns.

Get more from your team's daily check-in and form activity.
Analyze roadblocks and explore surveys for valuable insights.

Thousands of startups and Fortune 500 companies use DailyBot on a daily basis. Are you ready to join them?

Every person's choice,
Every bot's aspiration.

Without DailyBot+

Communication is slow and inefficient. Workers waste time searching for information and interrupting colleagues for answers.
Workers struggle to keep track of tasks and deadlines, leading to missed deadlines and incomplete projects.
Workers often struggle with poor decision making, as they don't have all the necessary information at hand.

With DailyBot+

Easily find what you need and save time with our AI chat assistant and automated communication workflows. Increase your productivity and focus on what really matters at work.
Never forget a task or deadline again with our AI workflows. Prioritize your work and adjust deadlines on the fly to ensure greater efficiency and success.
Make informed decisions quickly with our AI chat assistant and data analysis workflows. Achieve more successful outcomes with the power of artificial intelligence right in your chat.
Without DailyBot+
With DailyBot+
Without automation, employees may be bogged down with repetitive and time-consuming tasks, leading to increased stress and burnout.
AI-powered chat assistants and automated workflows can help streamline and automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for more high-value activities.
With manual processes, there's a higher chance of errors and inconsistencies, which can impact efficiency and accuracy.
With standardized workflows and automated processes, there's less room for human error and inconsistencies.
Without AI-powered chat assistants, it may take longer for employees to find the information they need, leading to slower decision making or communications.
Chat assistants can take on some of the workload, reducing the burden on your team and potentially improving work-life balance.

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