A collection of unique Zoom backgrounds for you

Tips Jun 03, 2020

We're all Zoom animals, or call it differently, nowadays video calls are taking over our lives and we spend a lot of time on Zoom. See? we're Zoom animals.

Zoom launched support for video backgrounds some time ago, in the quest for having a proper, ice-breaking, and just different setup for the video calls, we started a process of imagining how to have Zoom backgrounds that are just different, because they don't have to be so serious neither boring.

Daniel from our design team thought about approaching these backgrounds in a different way.

I like comics, I like graffiti, why can't those backgrounds look like that?

— Daniel, scratching his bear while he thinks and looks at the ceiling (yeah he's responsibly quarantining at home).

This got the process started, we worked on sketching and designing some cool and very different backgrounds for Zoom.

The office space

A sunset somewhere nice

The comic kaboom!

The kind of cloudy day

Abstract milky way galaxy

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