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17 Work Memes Your Remote Team Can Probably Relate

Published on
April 17, 2024
Phoenix Baker
Product Manager
Lana Steiner
Product Designer
Drew Cano
Frontend Engineer
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Finding the motivation to get through the work week is not always straightforward. Many factors can play into an employee's mood: house chores, traffic, commuting to work, family responsibilities, and even owning a pet can be a cause of stress, on top of keeping up with their workload.

On the other hand, having a laugh with their peers can improve their overall attitude and help them connect with people they've probably only met through a screen.

Working remotely has completely changed the scenario for employees, especially those used to commuting with others and sharing lunch breaks or cups of coffee.

However, the lack of interaction with others can lead employees to isolate themselves and find their work environment unenjoyable. Finding ways to keep them motivated and sharing funny moments with their teammates is essential.

Consider this: as of 2023, an estimated 28% of employees globally work remotely at some capacity, facing challenges from the organization, distribution of duties and schedule management. But, possibly the biggest dare is maintaining the team in constant communication whilst not overwhelming them with countless emails and notifications.

While platforms have been providing tools to keep work schedules on track, many lack features to create a truly interactive and engaging environment. Despite diverse communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Trello, Zoom, companies sometimes overlook the importance of fostering interaction, especially for building strong teams.

Ultimately, while collaboration is essential, building a cohesive and energized remote team requires more than just shared tasks and goals.

One of the easiest ways to keep an interactive, fun and diverse work environment is by sharing funny work memes that relate to their day-to-day situations. To give you a little hand, we've come up with a few examples:

1. When you’ve got to deliver three work tasks in the same week and you haven’t even started yet:

2. Starbucks runs during staff meetings are the best!

3. When the clients request last-minute changes on the project you’ve been working on the whole week:

4. When you’ve been trying to get feedback from your boss but they’re not replying to their Slack messages:

5. When all of your peers agree on the modifications of a project except for one:

6. When the meeting could have easily been an email!

7. When your daily standups last for more than 1 hour every day:

That meeting could have been an email” and “this is a waste of time” are, unfortunately, common expressions during remote working.

Some companies failed to adapt to the hybrid or totally remote way of doing work. Meeting in the office is expected, but one of the advantages of working remotely is how much room for productivity there is, which ultimately helps ideas become facts faster.

So, why don’t you try to move away from the old manners to the new way of working? Your team can use DailyBot for free to automate Daily Standups and give the team some peace of mind. Go here to learn more →

8. When you think you’re done for the week but you remember the project due on Monday morning:

9. When your boss asks if you could jump in a quick meeting in a few minutes, for the third time in a day:

10. When it’s time to share the screen but Zoom doesn’t work

11. When you don’t have time enough to prepare for the meeting or are not sure about something:

12. When you collectively review the deadlines of the upcoming projects:

13. When you’re late for a meeting and the host doesn’t let you in:

14. When you’re done presenting the product roadmap to the engineering team and you’re waiting for them to destroy it:

15. When your team is starting to feel the weight of the week and you remind them that it’s only Tuesday:

16. When you feel the struggle but then remember that payday is just tomorrow.

17. When your boss says, can we have a quick chat?

Memes are fun, but what if you make work fun as well?

DailyBot promotes a culture of fun, appreciation and recognition with Kudos. Give positive feedback while aligning your goals with team values.

Make it fun, make it timely, make it visible.

DailyBot also includes:

Try DailyBot for Free! 👀

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