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3 Modern Tools to Run Slack Polls in 2024

Published on
April 25, 2024
Phoenix Baker
Product Manager
Lana Steiner
Product Designer
Drew Cano
Frontend Engineer
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When was the last time you had a good laugh at work? We seem to be living in edgy times, trying to find a balance between work and life, productive time and meeting time, and even that fine line between working hard and playing hard. Yet, laughter is a powerful asset, not only at work but in life too, and as some of us witness how the thin work-life line blurs out, we might as well learn to laugh at work.

Polls are a fun way to bring your work culture to the next level. On Slack, you can set questions or even watercoolers to add some personality to your everyday workflow. You can also minimize chores, communicate with your whole team, and get their feedback quicker.

Turning to polls could seem unnecessary, especially in times when efficiency is crucial. However, with tools like DailyBot, remote communication is far from rudimentary. DailyBot allows you to set up polls and let your team vote on ideas for the next project in a few simple steps.

Don’t miss the best Slack hacks to boost productivity in 2024.

Here are three examples of modern tools used to upgrade your Slack polls:


Although sending emails can be an easy way to address your coworkers, they can lack authenticity, reciprocity, and fast response from your colleagues.

Therefore, it is crucial to integrate tools into your chat that facilitate communication and increase productivity without burning out the employees. DailyBot allows directives to create an atmosphere where feedback is given daily, and goals are met through simple and effective mechanisms, like automated check-ins, forms (i.e. surveys, polls, questionnaires), and more.

Motivation features such as Kudos, Icebreakers, and Birthday reminders are included in the toolkit, besides more expected productivity features like check-ins and Slack polls (via Forms). Pomodoro timers are also available for your employees to keep a tight schedule on their day-to-day work if they need to.

DailyBot does not only allow managers to “check in” without the lousy task of writing an email, but it also respects the privacy and workload of each employee by protecting their data. For instance, check-ins or forms with anonymous responses will facilitate the voting process for new projects and ideas without anyone feeling particularly at risk.

Create a safe, modern and communicative workspace with the app trusted by big and small companies including Adobe, Cabify, Samsung, and much more! Start creating a rich work culture with DailyBot.

Simple Poll

We bet you still have nightmares of those uncomfortable “breakout rooms.” The awkward silence and interactions certainly did not aid the process of “peer learning.” Still, meeting your coworkers does not need to be troublesome. Simple Poll allows employees to strengthen their connections and build cross-departmental bonds.

Whether it's creating polls about your coworker’s zodiac sign or getting performance insights by sending private surveys, Simple Poll just makes polls and surveys simple and smooths the process of keeping the team updated.


Don’t think of this app as the average way of voting on Slack where people ask a question and include 2 options and the answers. UpVote created a way to generate quick and open polls in which coworkers can propose and vote on questions for AMA sessions, topics for meetings, or any kind of ideas. The best part? Their answers remain anonymous to encourage privacy, participation, and honesty.

Mention each of your peers involved, separate polls by channels, and set up the different settings that VoteUp has available: from fun emojis to a free plan, this extension is an alternative to replace those annoying emails or unexpected calls.

Which one is the best Slack poll tool for your team?

At the end of the day, a lot boils down to scalability. If your immediate need is a basic poll tool, then any of these options could work for your team, but if team culture, mental health, and employee wellness are what you are going after, then DailyBot is the right tool for you, as you can get insights and create activities to improve your team’s mood, celebrate wins, and create a culture of recognition and continuous improvement. Take your team further with DailyBot.

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