Updating your Slack Integration to granular permissions

These are important news for Slack organizations that have installed DailyBot before June 10th, 2020.

Your security is our highest priority and we are improving the integration mechanism between DailyBot and Slack in order to use the granular permissions management system that is now supported by Slack.

What are Granular Scopes?

The granular scopes give administrators and users a clearer idea of what an app actually does with their data and how the APIs are used.  It also increases security, when you approve granular scopes for an app, you are making sure that the app can only perform those granular operations that you have approved.

The previous Slack permissions vs. New permissions

The granular scopes are a new addition to Slack's APIs and OAuth (authentication and authorization system). Previously, when a bot was installed it was acquiring a security token that included authorization to certain actions by default, even if the bot/app was not going to use all the permissions.

The new permissions management allows to state clearly what is required by DailyBot so that you can rest assured that no other actions could be performed by the app.

This is a great step to increase security and hence it's important for you to update as soon as possible. Learn more from Slack's platform blog.

What should be done?

You should update your DailyBot + Slack integration by following the process in our web application:

  1. As an administrator, sign in into the web application (app.dailybot.co)
  2. You'll see a notification bar with a notice at the top of the page, click it.
  3. Follow-up the steps to update the integration, that process comes with the following steps, the web app will guide you through this:

    a) Revoking the previous bot.
    b) Re-installing and re-authorizing the bot.
    c) Seeing a success message when it's completed.
  4. Please read carefully any recommendations given to you at the success page (if any). Depending on your set up, it might be necessary that you add DailyBot back, manually, to your private channels.

The migration process will be available starting on June 10th, 2020.

What happens if I don't update?

DailyBot will drop support for old integrations by the end of 2020, hence your Slack bot integration will stop working. We encourage you to update it as early as possible.

Considerations and requirements

  • Before updating, please assure that you are an administrator or you have enough permissions to install DailyBot in your workspace again.
Important: if you don't have permissions to install the bot in your Slack workspace, then you will experience a service interruption at least until another administrator with enough permissions installs the bot.
  • If you had DailyBot as a member of any private channels, you are required to re-invite DailyBot into those private channels. You can do it easily from each channel (within in Slack) by typing: /invite @dailybot
  • We highly recommend you complete this action as soon as possible.
  • This is only applicable to DailyBot for Slack Organizations.

Have questions or need help?

If you need any assistance during this process, please contact us at support@dailybot.com. We'll be more than happy to help you out.

Thanks Philipp Katzenberger for the photography on this post.

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