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Slack Staff Picks: Why Slack Chose DailyBot as One of the Best "Working From Home" Apps

Published on
April 17, 2024
Phoenix Baker
Product Manager
Lana Steiner
Product Designer
Drew Cano
Frontend Engineer
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Slack makes it easier to stay connected to your team, even when you work remotely or are not in the office. We live in a fast-paced world and many organizations —like ours— value autonomy and responsiveness. That's why Slack is essential software that many teams use as part of their everyday work. It allows organizations to collaborate, stay up to date with the progress of different projects, and resolve issues faster.

Today, we've been recognized by Slack as part of the top companies building chat tools to improve the working-from-home experience of modern workers across the world.

While we're very excited to be included in Slack’s staff picks, this is only one more step for us. Our goal at DailyBot has always been to help people do their best work by building tools that maximize productivity, boost wellness at work, and improve team collaboration.

Because of this, we look forward to continuing to develop DailyBot as a simple yet powerful chatbot and all-in-one tool that will help you create just the right workflow for your team.

Why working from home gets better with DailyBot

For those of you who haven't used DailyBot yet, let us give you a glimpse of everything you can do with it:

Productivity and wellness features

Showing your entire team's progress and what they're working on with Check-ins is a good way to keep everyone updated and aware of what others are working on. This feature allows users to see what their colleagues have worked on and share the insights they've gained during the day.

Having daily standup meetings can be quite a challenge if you have an international team. DailyBot helps you get around that by allowing everyone to share their updates at a time that suits them best. You can choose who will be included in the reports, create specific status questions for teammates, and set up reminders by time zone.

You can also track the performance of each member by seeing their previous answers. With the DailyBot dashboard, you can easily view your team’s progress and productivity and make informed decisions based on that data.

Also, to stay ahead of things, use the built-in mood tracking features to analyze the health of your team and take action in real-time.

Social & team culture features

DailyBot has many fun commands that allow your team members to share more about themselves. With kudos, they can congratulate a colleague for his or her achievements and express appreciation for all the hard work that goes into creating exceptional products.

Apart from kudos, there are other social features as well. For example, birthday allows your team members to wish each other happy birthday or find out whose birthday’s coming.

Choose your tools for success

Whether it’s in English, Spanish or Portuguese (more languages coming soon); teams can customize their full experience in DailyBot.

From creating personalized templates for automated reporting to adapting your most unique workflows to the chat with the help of shortcuts and custom commands, DailyBot presents a full-fledged platform for in-chat teamwork.

Connect popular productivity apps like JIRA or ClickUp to your reports for task visibility, export filtered data to your spreadsheet app of choice, or connect departments’ work with Zapier or webhooks. Users can also go solo mode and adapt tools like the in-chat pomodoro command or the virtual commuting to their routines.

In short, whatever your timezone, your current location, or work conditions, you can make things easier for you and your team with Slack and DailyBot.

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