DailyBot wants peace and stands with Ukraine

🖋️ Written by:
Mauricio M.
🗓️ Created on:
March 9, 2022

We are going through difficult times. We have friends and customers in Ukraine that suddenly one morning had their life changed — they couldn’t go out for a walk in the morning, enjoying the smooth breeze to go buy a piece of bread — suddenly they were not free, life was in danger and families started to struggle to find food, to say the least.

We don’t want this for Ukraine, and we stand with you. We don’t want this for anyone in the world.

We have customers in Russia too, kind and gentle people who do not want this to be happening either.

How can you help?

🤝 Donate

✊ Express support

We stand with Ukraine and we are expressing this support with donation, our logo, by writing about it and by sharing a message of support on Social Media so others can participate.

You can do the same. Get this image and feel free to post it on any channel, you can share a link to the donation pages or this blog post.

🙌 Be kind

What is happening started by the unfortunate wrong decisions made by some, and we must avoid other types of judgment or generalization across the population. We believe kindness is the best of humanity and must prevail.

We want to be kind to our Russian customers, that’s why we will continue helping them achieve great work and collaboration with DailyBot, but, as many businesses there will struggle with international payments, we are providing the option to pay us in Crypto, then we will donate all these proceeds to Ukraine’s causes.

Our customers can also make any goodwill donation to support peace and Ukraine and show us the proof - that will be the equivalent of paying for DailyBot’s services.

👐 Careful with the fake news

There is a lot of misinformation circulating about what is going on in Ukraine. Misleading images and videos as well as false news stories have surfaced online. Consider verifying your source with a respected journalism organization, such as Nieman Lab.

Thank you,
The DailyBot Team

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