The Best Kudos Apps for Slack in 2024

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June 7, 2022

If you belong to the 74% of employees in the world who would opt for flexible schedules and comfort over office space, you might agree that working remotely can boost productivity.

Since workers are not forced to commute and spend their free time in traffic or squished among others in the public transport, they are able to manage their time more effectively.

Despite the many advantages of working remotely, still 53% of the current remote workforce state that it is difficult to engage in a focused workflow due to the lack of motivation and outside interaction.

That’s why building constant communication with employees, and involving collective and individual recognition, strengthens the connection workers have with their company, purpose, and motivation.

Staying up to date with the modern workplace environment is essential for swift development. Now more than ever people need meaningful appreciation, one that cannot be found in traditional reward programs like sending emails to congratulate your team or giving them props in the hallway could feel impersonal and rushed.

On the other hand, kudos are a way of showing appreciation in modern settings. Kudos are highly effective on people’s motivation as it makes them feel appreciated and noticed individually.

How can you build a kudos culture? Learn all about it here!

Giving kudos online is a whole new experience as it involves a technical aspect as well as lots of creativity, instead of patting people on the back as a rather superficial gesture of accomplishment. If you’re one of the 136k companies worldwide using Slack, here are the 3 best kudos Apps for Slack:

DailyBot 🥇

The best way to send some love to your team.

DailyBot is a remote collaboration tool to build an effective and cohesive work culture. On DailyBot you can easily create a kudos culture, and give positive feedback while aligning your goals with team values. At the end of the team, a great leader is the one that takes the team to the finish line, and not the project.

Give timely kudos to your team, user emojis, and GIFs and have fun while making great things. You can even create a leaderboard with the team members with the most kudos received.

And there’s more! On DailyBot you can:

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Kudos 🥈

Kudos is one of the most popular kudos apps available on Slack. This app allows you to give peer-to-peer recognition and create an inclusive work culture. It also allows multiple levels of recognition supporting appreciation and performance having different types of achievement options, points and rewards.

Karma 🥉

Not the Karma Chameleon you might be thinking of or the Karma Points from Reddit, although it follows the same culture of appreciation and their colors are also red, gold and green.

Karma is on a mission to end unappreciation at work by allowing micro feedback to be shared instantly with coworkers, automated rewards, collecting anonymous feedback, and enhancing the company culture.

Why would you even use a kudos app anyway?

The answer relies on our collective lack of experience in remote management. We’ve already established the importance of having a kudos culture, but how do you set that up while looking after productivity? A Kudos app is the right answer! Try out the Dailybot kudos feature and have fun while getting outstanding results!

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