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The Best Free Slack Standup Bots for Teams in 2024

Published on
April 10, 2024
Phoenix Baker
Product Manager
Lana Steiner
Product Designer
Drew Cano
Frontend Engineer
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In the ever-evolving landscape of remote and flexible work, efficient communication is the heartbeat of any successful team.

Enter the trusty Slack standup bots, the virtual sidekicks that help agile (scrum) teams stay aligned, organized, and productive.

With 2024 well underway, let's dive into the best free Slack standup bots that are changing the way these teams collaborate and conquer their goals.

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  1. DailyBot
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  4. StandupAlice
  5. Geekbot
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  7. Troopr
  8. Sup!
  10. Kyber

Why Slack standup bots matter for modern teams

Imagine your team, spread across different time zones (or offices) and juggling various tasks, coming together seamlessly each day to share progress, address roadblocks, and stay on track.

Thanks to standup bots, this isn't a mere fantasy—it's the reality that countless modern teams are enjoying today.

What’s more: In the absence of watercooler chats and impromptu catch-ups, standup bots step in as the “virtual watercooler,” fostering conversations that are structured, timely, and even outcome-driven.

These bots ensure that every team member's voice is heard, creating an environment where collaboration knows no boundaries.

Criteria for selecting the top standup bots

As we scoured the digital landscape for the best free Slack standup bots, we kept an eye on several factors. User-friendliness, customization options, integration capabilities, and the ability to facilitate remote team workflows were at the forefront of our evaluation.

After all, the best bots are the ones that seamlessly fit into your team's unique rhythm.

Top standup bots of 2024

1. DailyBot — Stand up to subpar team collaboration in your chat 🫡

DailyBot is a top choice for remote work and agile teams, offering a ChatGPT + AI-powered assistant that condenses multiple Slack apps into one toolkit.

Trusted by thousands of companies, DailyBot covers productivity with check-ins, standups, and more, while boosting team morale through social features like Kudos, Virtual Coffee, and Icebreakers.

Agile and asynchronous by heart, it supports various team activities (including dev and product teams), fosters recognition, and allows customization for your workflows.

It also comes with 3rd-party integrations to track your work from different apps, an advanced API unique in its kind offering unparalleled flexibility for those who seek it, and robust security measures (for instance, DailyBot is SOC2 Type II compliant), ensuring data privacy and protection. Let’s check all these in more detail:

Boost productivity with ease

DailyBot covers every aspect of your team's workflow, from check-ins and standups to retrospectives and Pomodoro sessions.

The intuitive in-chat forms make data collection seamless, and polls and surveys easy to run to foster team engagement.

Need a public countdown for an upcoming company event? DailyBot has you covered.

An agile and asynchronous champion

DailyBot transforms asynchronous agile collaboration with the ability to run various activities like daily standups, 1-on-1s, team feedback surveys, and even anonymous responses.

It's the perfect companion for agile teams, ensuring everyone's voice is heard regardless of time zones.

Foster a vibrant team culture

Infuse positivity and camaraderie with features like Kudos, Virtual Coffee, and Watercooler chats.

Celebrate birthdays, break the ice with Icebreaker questions, or create a virtual commute experience.

DailyBot helps you prioritize your team’s mental health checks to ensure your their well-being.

Tailor-made workflows (for automation)

Unlike many bots, you can customize DailyBot to fit your team's unique needs.

Create workflows or commands (you can even use scripting), set any kind of frequencies for check-ins, and establish multiple time zones.

With support for multiple languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, with more coming soon) and various integrations, DailyBot adapts to your team's preferences seamlessly.

Insightful dashboards and reporting

DailyBot makes updates and reporting easy by aligning your team's efforts effortlessly.

To make things better, you can access our web app and download detailed reports in formats like CSV, XLSX, and PDF.

The web app also offers relevant metrics at your fingertips, aiding in more data-driven decision-making, when you need it to.

Seamless integrations and robust security

DailyBot bridges the gap between your tools, connecting with apps like JIRA, Trello, and Bitbucket for enhanced functionality.

Its advanced API and Webhooks provide endless possibilities for creative customization.

Rest assured, DailyBot is SOC2 Type II compliant, safeguarding your data with enterprise-grade security features.

In short, you can elevate your team's Slack experience with DailyBot. And whether you're on Slack Connect, Slack Enterprise Grid, or looking to optimize billing per teams, DailyBot expands the pool of options on how your team collaborates, engages, and excels.

Other Maker Friends 👀

While DailyBot stands tall (get it?), it's worth exploring alternatives for a comprehensive perspective – here’s the rest of our top picks for free Slack bots for standups:

2. Status Hero

Status Hero acts as a hub for modern teams, connecting members through smart check-ins, goals, and dashboards.

Team members respond to daily check-in prompts, which are automatically integrated with project management tools.

Customizable reports and agile insights help align teams, while remote-friendly features ensure flexibility.

Trusted by major companies like Adobe and Nike, Status Hero offers a free trial and pay-as-you-go pricing for active users, making team synchronization effortless.


Standuply brings AI-powered agility to daily asynchronous meetings, retrospectives, 360-degree feedback, planning poker, and more.

Trusted by teams from Intel, IBM, and Adobe, Standuply offers a suite of features including task management, AI-enriched responses, multi-admin access, and integration with tools like JIRA, Trello, and GitHub.

With AI-enhanced answers and automated reports, Standuply serves as your digital assistant for project management and Agile development within Slack, making team synchronization effortless and error-free.

4. Standup Alice

Standup Alice centers itself as the bot that takes care of your asynchronous stand-up meetings.

With easy customization, it organizes daily stand-ups, reminds team members to share their updates, and gathers responses for you. The results can be seamlessly delivered to your Slack channels or emails.

Whether you're a Scrum Master or part of multiple projects and teams, Standup Alice ensures your stand-up process is efficient, tailored, and synchronized across different time zones.

5. Geekbot

Geekbot transforms collaboration with automated standup meetings, retrospectives, surveys, and polls in Slack.

Replace time-consuming in-person meetings with efficient asynchronous interactions, ensuring productivity across time zones.

From standup meetings to team happiness reports, Geekbot empowers teams with AI-driven insights and progress tracking.

They welcome you to a community of over 170k+ users from leading companies like Netflix and GitLab to elevate your team's communication and productivity with Geekbot.

6. Standup Bot

StandupBot is a user-friendly solution that automates standups, check-ins, and recurring status updates in Slack.

With a superfast setup and a focus on essentials, StandupBot empowers teams without overwhelming them.

Featuring flexible scheduling, historical reports, participation tracking, and automatic reminders, StandupBot ensures seamless asynchronous participation, making it easy for teams to share updates within their chosen time frame.

Enjoy easy-to-read reports via email and Slack, all while maintaining ownership of your data. As a small indie company with a proven track record, StandupBot offers affordability and efficiency that sets it apart.

7. Standup Bot by Troopr

Upgrade your team's communication with Troopr's Slack Standup Bot, seamlessly setting up and running periodic team check-ins including daily standups, sprint retrospectives, and custom team updates.

Troopr prompts team members to share brief updates, automatically expanding references to tools like Jira and GitHub, while compiling comprehensive aggregated reports shared directly in your Slack channel.

Loved by teams from industry giants like Electronic Arts, Unity 3D, and Adobe, Troopr enhances collaboration and insights through its beautiful web reports and feature-rich platform.

8. Sup!

Sup! is a comprehensive bot that takes care of your team's daily asynchronous standup meetings. This standup bot offers versatile features like conducting daily standups, tracking holidays and vacations, running surveys and polls, and monitoring your team's mood.

With its user-friendly interface and integration capabilities with tools like Google Sheets, Sup! empowers remote teams to communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

Trusted by renowned companies including Adobe, Starbucks, and Warner Bros, Sup! streamlines remote work, making it a must-have tool for smoother communication and efficient team coordination.

9. is your partner for efficient meeting management and AI-powered insights. Used alongside Spinach AI, this Slack app delivers meeting summaries and suggests actionable steps based on discussions.

From creating project management issues to tracking meeting tasks, aims to improve your workflow.

Spinach attends meetings, assigns tasks, and follows up with team members in Slack, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

10. Kyber

Kyber offers an all-in-one app within Slack for seamless teamwork coordination and workflow automation.

From task management and standup meetings to polls and surveys, Kyber's user-friendly integration transforms conversations into actionable tasks, eliminating the need for external tools.

With a unified dashboard and personalized agenda, Kyber enhances collaboration, making it a must-have for companies aiming to streamline their Slack experience.

As the new mode of “work-from-anywhere” continues to redefine the modern workspace, the role of Slack standup bots has never been more crucial.

These digital allies keep teams connected, organized, and motivated, ensuring that the virtual distance doesn't hinder productivity.

Whether you're looking for transparency, automation, Agile integration, or even task management, the array of standup bots in 2024 has something for every remote team's needs.

Embrace these tools, empower your team, and watch as your async collaboration reaches new heights of success.

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