The V1 API uses a HTTP headers and unique API keys to authenticate the requests.


The API requires header authentication by passing the X-API-KEY key. In terms of data exchange, the Content-Type and Accept headers should be set as "application/json" for proper content negotiation.

   X-API-KEY       your_api_key
   Content-Type    application/json
   Accept          application/json

To learn how to get an API Key, please read the API Overview.


The API is versioned. It is recommended that you to configure your base prefix including the version:

Exchange Token

Depending on your use case and integration, you may want to make API Calls on behalf of other users from your organization, for example:

  • Fill out a check-in on behalf of some user
  • Give kudos to someone on behalf of some user

DailyBot makes this possible with the use of an Exchange Token that you can fetch to authenticate your API requests on top of your regular API Key authentication. There are two ways of getting an exchange token:

  • Via ChatOps and DailyBot's Custom Commands: you can get an exchange token when the user triggers the custom command. You can then store that exchange token for further use.
  • Via a special endpoint to request the Exchange Token for a given user.
📌 Notice — the Exchange Token auth is a feature disabled by default, if you want to use exchange tokens please contact our support team providing details on how you're planning to use it. We will enable this feature and give you details on how to use it.
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