API Overview

We're introducing the first version of DailyBot's Public API. We can't wait to see what you build with it! It comes with several endpoints to interact with DailyBot's core features, and it has built-in support for Zapier integrations (limited to a few key features).

How do I get an API Key?

You require the Org Administrator role. To get the API Key, navigate to the Organization Settings and then click "Integrations".

Go to the Integrations page.

Click the "Generate API Key" button and then copy your key and store it in a safe place. You can create as many API Keys as you need and you can remove/revoke them at any moment.


  • An API Key in DailyBot includes both the organization and the key owner as a context. This means that certain actions that require permissions or privacy checks will consider the actual permissions of the Key owner.
  • We support an Exchange Token mechanism that allows you to use the API Calls on behalf of other users in your organization, this is not enabled by default and you should request this feature via Support Ticket.
  • We support WebHooks for key actions so you don't have to query our API constantly.

🌠 Build Public Add-Ons for DailyBot

Are you a Developer? Are you excited about in-chat tooling as we are? Then let's talk!

We're enabling a platform for Developers to build DailyBot add-ons that can be published to all of our users and community.

Wouldn't it be great if can build a chat add-on that is immediately available to use on Discord, MS Teams, Slack, Google Chat, and all the platforms supported by DailyBot? — well, DailyBot makes it possible.

As a Developer you can build add-ons and use our public API, including special public platform APIs with the following highlights:

  1. DailyBot's platform storage: store your add-on context, metadata or any other info in the DailyBot's platform - you can store complex data structures using JSON.
  2. DailyBot's scheduling system: use DailyBot's built-in system to schedule tasks that should be triggered once or a on a recurring basis (as a cronjob) - DailyBot will execute the task and send a payload to your Add-On so you can processs the action.
  3. DailyBot's activity tracking: track any key activity related to your add-on so you can use it to later show reports or enhance the features offered by your in-chat add-on.
  4. DailyBot's serverless add-ons: write your source code in DailyBot's web application. The code will be stored in our systems and DailyBot will run it for you in a serverless fashion.
  5. DailyBot's webhook-to-commands: subscribe your add-ons (aka in-chat commands) to WebHook events. DailyBot will trigger your custom logic anytime those events happen in DailyBot so you can build more complex logic and add-ons.

And, of course you can use our platform APIs as well to build internal add-ons/commands for your own organization.

Ready to build an add-on that will be used by thousands?

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Advanced API for Enterprise

Do you require advanced integrations for your Enterprise, if you have any integration needs, please contact us at support@dailybot.com.

Have feedback for us?

If you have any API requirements or ideas, please contact us at support@dailybot.com.

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