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DailyBot is a toolkit to run successful remote teams

A chatbot to run asynchronous daily stand-ups, retrospectives, or periodic team check-ins. It promotes transparency, tracks team mood anonymously and encourages peer recognition with kudos 👏

Cut down on meetings

Our main goal is to reduce the amount of unnecessary meetings. This was our motivation to build DailyBot.

Most meetings could have been an email, right? Well, with DailyBot you can transform meetings into asynchronous check-ins or status updates.

The bot will contact your team individually, get reports and then share those with your team; plus: you'll have a written record of what's happened - with a web visualization layer, search and reporting tools.

Best practices for
async work

Get periodic updates from team members to see what everyone is up to or if there are any blockers. No need for calls or inefficient meetings.

The Daily Stand-up

Align everyone and identify blockers easily

DailyBot automates and runs asynchronous standup meetings, it keeps history and notes and gives you reports, analytics and search features.

Stand-up meetings got popular in the software world but have shown to improve team collaboration for all kind of disciplines.

Participants respond to Scrum in-chat questions like:

• What did you get done yesterday?
• What are you planning to work on today?
• Do you have any blockers?

You can also run Kanban style:
- What obstacles are impeding your progress?

Sprint Health Checks

Understand if the team is on the right track to deliver on time

Gather feedback from your team about their confidence to complete the current development sprint as planned.

These check-ins work best when triggered in the middle of a sprint. They will surface any potential roadblocks before the end of the sprint and its retrospective.


Take a deep breath, reflect about work and keep improving

Retrospectives play a very important role in your development cycle. If you're not doing this, it's probably a good moment to start with it.

With different automated questions you'll learn key facts about your iteration.

What went well? What could be improved?

You can also run "Start, Stop, Continue" style retrospectives.

DailyBot adapts to your preferred format.

Executive check-ins

Get weekly executive updates and align your management team

DailyBot will contact your executive team every week to get key updates about strategic goals, progress and potential attention points or blockers.

You can share this information with all managers or the entire company to promote transparency and cross-collaboration.

Collected feedback will be shared in your chat channels, or organized in the web app with search features. Export it to XLS, CSV, PDF or create automations connecting it with more than 2,000 apps with our integrations.

Celebrate wins with your team

@dailybot kudos to @mary

Use DailyBot Kudos to promote team recognition and positive feedback.

Give Kudos easily from the chat or web app and use company values to help your team align with the big picture.

Use the Kudos leaderboard and stats to analyze collaboration and team impact.

Learn more

Customize. Integrate.

Express your creativity

With strong security and privacy

It's DailyBot the one that adapts to you. Create workflow automations with your own check-ins.

Connect more than 2,000 apps with Zapier to process your responses in other tools.

You can also customize DailyBot's commands to run ChatOps from any chat channel.

Join thousands of teams that use DailyBot for improving team collaboration

Take DailyBot further

Mental health check-ins

Built-in surveys that help you analyze how your team is feeling about work from home, and more.

Mood tracking

DailyBot checks how the team is feeling and gives you insights using a simple system.


Customize DailyBot and use it to run chat commands to automate workflows.

The Deal 💸

DailyBot is like buying peace of mind, focus-time, and motivation for your team.

Free trial and 30% off for the first year

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Create your account and send an email to ycombinator@dailybot.com indicating your company name.

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If you are using another tool for team check-ins, then I have a no brainer deal for you:

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All of this in exchange for a bit of feedback and after that, get the same 30% off for the first year.

Thanks for your business and for giving this fellow YC company the opportunity to grow with you.

- Mauricio, founder & CEO at DailyBot -

DailyBot is a YC S21 company.
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