Build the right environment for progress. In your chat.

Get ahold of social and productivity add-ons designed to help you keep track of important events and accomplishments in your team's chat:

Onboarding, birthdays, focus time, milestones, work breaks, nothing goes unnoticed.

Add-ons for every key moment in your work life

😃 The Watercooler

Serendipitous conversations to simulate the office watercooler

Run it on a daily or weekly basis - enable it in a channel by typing "@dailybot watercooler".

DailyBot will come to your channel asking things like — "If aliens landed on earth tomorrow and offered to take you home with them, would you go?"

Your team respond in-thread, and it's super fun 😅.

☕️ Virtual Coffees

Random 1:1 pairings to match co-workers for a weekly coffee

DailyBot helps you strengthen your team's relationships by connecting co-workers to have a coffee, or tea, you name it.

It improves your team collaboration and breaks down silos by creating meaningful connections.

Enable it by typing "virtual coffee" in a private message with @DailyBot.

Get all add-ons with
any of our paid plans

🧭Public countdowns

Align everyone with a goal using a simple chat countdown

DailyBot will post a daily in-channel reminder to an important milestone or event.

Use it by typing "@dailybot countdown".

🎉 Birthday poppers

Celebrate birthdays at work with in-chat reminders

DailyBot sends you and your team timely notifications to your private chats to make sure you never miss another b-day again.

Make some waves and take a moment to show the people around you how valuable they are.

Use "birthday" in a private message with @DailyBot to turn it on.

🤗 Mood trackers

Understand and improve team mood with weekly in-chat surveys

A tracking mechanism with a simple question that together with other wellness follow-ups give the insights you need. No need for long surveys.

Mood tracking is anonymous to let your team be sincere.Participation is optional, yet fun and rewarding.

Plus, useful tools for every individual

Like the Pomodoro command ⤵️ for extended focus time:

🚌 Virtual Commuting

Get life balance and travel back home from work —even if you're already at home

With this add-on you can get a daily reminder to disconnect from work.

Pick the time when you usually end work and DailyBot will continue reminding you. Choose to have a guided meditation or read a joke.

👋 Onboarding intros

Match new people with subject matter experts

Bring newcomers and old dogs together in a quick interaction. Type "match" in a DM with DailyBot and see all the ways you can arrange the most welcoming encounter between two collaborators.

After a while, DailyBot will check on you to confirm they met and will give you next steps to ensure everyone is up to speed.

Thousands of startups and Fortune 500 companies use DailyBot on a daily basis. Are you ready to join them?

Without DailyBot

Not having serendipitous conversations, and not promoting personal connections
Using a lot of bots and apps for all these purposes
Concerns about security because of using too many external apps

With DailyBot

Watercooler and 1:1 intros for remote teams, or for any team
Only one chatbot and app does it all for you. A useful chat assistant for your team
DailyBot is secure, protects your privacy and cannot read your chat

Run check-ins and stand-ups with your team

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