Customer & community specialist


DailyBot is a platform and chat assistant that automates daily workflows and improves the employee experience with hundreds of in-chat features.

DailyBot is building its first community program. The product so far has grown organically and got to profitability by itself. The beauty and challenge of DailyBot is that it can be molded to fit an incredible variety of uses and applications.

✨ Join us at a magical time: DailyBot got funded by Y Combinator in the Summer of 2021 and we’re looking for the right person to help us take our product to the next level. We've hit profitability and hundreds of thousands of users with a small team, which gives us a huge green field to experiment and move fast.

About yourself

  • You can consider situations from other people's perspectives and put yourself in their shoes
  • You can easily adapt to a rapidly changing business and industry
  • You exhibit a strong intrinsic motivation to achieve success and contribute to a team
  • You’re a natural community builder, bringing the best of people on each interaction
  • It's your nature to experiment with new ideas and take lowlights as opportunities for growth
  • You can present complex topics in engaging ways, from curating inspiring case studies to creating step-by-step tutorials
  • You can manage multiple projects seamlessly, changing focus to meet new challenges and opportunities as they emerge


  • You’re very comfortable writing and speaking in English
  • You’re comfortable in customer success: hopping on calls, emails and live chats with clients
  • You’ve managed social media in representation of someone else (company, organization)

Bonus Points If:

  • Whether it is through a blog, podcast, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you have run content on the internet in some form
  • You love hosting engaging virtual events that help people learn together
  • You have experience working on tech startups and have some technical savvy
  • You can write in Portuguese (Brazil) at a professional capacity

Life at DailyBot

You’ll be working with the growth and customer success teams at DailyBot. You’ll be participating in growing our educational resources to make it easy for teams to find relevant resources based on their stage on the customer journey. You’ll also be leading our strategic efforts across our community channels and use your position to advocate for our customers.

In the first 2 weeks: you’ll understand DailyBot’s vision and will learn about the current customer outreach efforts, then you’ll spot new tactics to grow our customer engagement channels.

Within the first month: you’ll have the proper setup and tools to run your first experiments, leveraging our growing user base and prospects to drive customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction; and you’ll be sharing updates to the team.

Within the first 3 months: you’ll be leading our efforts in proactive customer success and community building, leveraging our community channels and customer advocacy to drive business outcomes.

Location, compensation and perks

  • We are a fully remote team, and we are looking for these positions ideally in Colombia or Latam
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Flexible working hours
  • Competitive salary (to be defined based on your expertise and time dedication)
  • DailyBot offers Stock Options to key positions
  • Extra yearly bonus for education

Apply now

To apply, please send your CV and motivation letter to