Backend Software Engineer


About DailyBot

DailyBot is a web platform and chatbot for workflow automation. It helps remote and hybrid teams be more efficient by getting more done from their own chat systems: automating daily stand-ups, team check-ins, and other collaboration workflows.

Customers that use DailyBot save time, get more efficient, and will have their teams more motivated. It works on Slack, MS Teams, Google Chat, Discord, etc.

Here's a 2-minute video. Learn more about DailyBot.

A bit of history

DailyBot is built by a quite technical, yet multidisciplinary, passionate and entrepreneurial team that has been working on tech products for over 15 years.

Along this path, DailyBot was the result of a hackathon when we wanted to improve our management practices by automating a simple use case such as stand-up meetings using our chat app.

This idea evolved into a more sophisticated automation of check-ins, adapting frequencies to more team needs, supporting multi-timezone to be remote-work friendly. As the product keeps growing, we started exploring other use cases like forms, kudos, polls, custom commands and integrations with other tools/platforms; looking to turn DailyBot into an ALL-IN-ONE chat assistant for async work and the best companion bot for the chat.

Our vision is much bigger, we are building a platform and a developer ecosystem that allows us and others to build automation and in-chat workflows in a simple way with no-code or low-code. With a cross-platform approach, anyone can automate actions in DailyBot and make those compatible with all messaging apps at once.

Everyone that uses chat at work will use DailyBot.

Are you ready to take the challenge, help us build and be part of this adventure?

About the Team

Our engineering team is the heart of our product. This is where the magic happens, also is the innovation and research unit. At DailyBot we are constantly testing and applying new technologies all the time. We aim to keep building a world-class team of software engineers, leaders and managers who make our users happy when using our product.

At the engineering team, our day-to-day job is to build a system and product that is shipped with good design: high availability, high quality, great performance, trustworthy security.

Despite being a small start-up, we are SOC2 Type II. This shows our commitment to security best practices, privacy. We apply best practices to our organization and product.

DailyBot is backed by Y Combinator, the accelerator that has supported Dropbox, Stripe, Airbnb and many other tech companies, and you will be part of our company that is ambitious to be as big as those, and yeah, these are the early days.

About the Backend Software Engineer role

As a Backend Engineer, you will join DailyBot's core development team and get involved in exciting projects with high impact.

We have a culture of building the things right, we have over 1500 automated tests, so you will feel confident when changing the code base. We are in that beautiful moment where our backend and infrastructure needs to start to scale up faster, so you will come to add a lot of value with your expertise on backend, performance and scaling up systems. Our product extensively uses other APIs and integrations, so you will have a sandbox to play with, learning about other systems, and interacting with support engineers from our ecosystem (Slack, Microsoft, Google, etc).

You will have a high impact on DailyBot, you can participate in technology and infrastructure construction cycles from scratch, contribute your ideas and collaborate with the engineering team designing solutions and solving interesting problems beyond creating lines of code.

We are sure we will have a lot of fun!


  • Analyze technical challenges and design solutions to overcome them
  • Develop software or infrastructure solutions
  • Write code following good practices, understandable, testable
  • Contribute across the entire software stack, from infra to core APIs, public APIs and others
  • Optimize algorithms, processes, data storage accesses, to improve computing times
  • Define development plans and work to ensure they are met
  • Lead projects and manage multidisciplinary teams that will help you complete a project
  • Review runtime performance, propose improvements and work on them with the team
  • Understand data structures and coding practices, and improve them over time to build a system that scales better

Your profile and skills

This opportunity is perfect for you if:

  • You have 5+ years of experience working as a backend engineer developing and maintaining highly-available web applications or distributed systems
  • You are responsible and careful with the code, you can lead programmers and monitor the correct execution of a project
  • You like application architecture and are looking for good software design:
  • Scalability, Security and Performance are some of the key quality attributes that you think about before writing any line of code.
  • You have a solid background in computer science fundamentals and can be adapted to different programming languages, especially in Python:
  • So you have a lot of experience developing in Python
  • You feel confident with writing other languages and learning more things
  • You have knowledge in developing APIs with Django Rest Framework
  • You have experience scaling databases and APIs with thousands of active users, shipping code with no downtime
  • You are super passionate about technology and digital products
  • You have excellent communication skills
  • Mandatory Spanish - and we will value a high level of English
  • You wouldn't mind working remotely from wherever you are, traveling and connecting from the beach if you want
  • A plus: you have experience managing cloud infrastructure and services like AWS are familiar to you.

Your life at DailyBot

In the first month, you’ll:

  • Understand DailyBot’s vision and technical architecture
  • Have the proper setup of the technical stack and tools
  • Implement your first pull requests and deploy to our thousands of active users
  • Begin reviewing code and adding value to our engineering culture

In the first 3 months, you'll:

  • Become a knowledgeable person on several key features
  • Know all the major components of our system and will be able to debug complex issues
  • Have your own initiatives for improving the code base and our infrastructure
  • Be able detect bottlenecks, profile, and come up with enhancements
  • Be building new integrations with third-party apps or systems that play well with the DailyBot ecosystem
  • Be leading and shipping awesome new features for our API, both for internal APIs or for external users

In the first 6 months, you'll:

  • Be the engineering lead on projects, working from ideation to implementation to rollout
  • Be working from specs, architecture, to building and communicating new features
  • Mentor other engineers joining the team
  • Be an expert on Python, Django, APIs and PostgreSQL than anyone ever should

Remuneration and perks

  • Stock
  • 100% Remote, flexible hours
  • Mental health breaks included / 22 days per year
  • Company-wide mental health week off at the end of the year
  • $500 / yearly for learning
  • Monthly budget for you to spend on Co-workings

Apply now

To apply, please send your CV and motivation letter to