Ads/performance marketer

Full Time

DailyBot is a platform and chat assistant that automates daily workflows and improves the employee experience with hundreds of in-chat features.

DailyBot is building its first growth team. The product so far has grown organically and got to profitability by itself. The beauty and challenge of DailyBot is that it can be molded to fit an incredible variety of uses and applications.

✨Join us at a magical time: DailyBot got funded by Y Combinator in this Summer ‘21 batch and we’re looking for the right person to help us take our growth to the next level. We've hit profitability and hundreds of thousands of users with a small team, which gives us a huge green field to experiment and move fast.

About yourself

  • You understand concepts of business and bottom-up SaaS
  • You have deep knowledge of performance marketing and campaign/budget management
  • You have experience operating ads in the most common channels: FB/IG, Google, Tiktok, LinkedIn, plus: Reddit, Quora
  • You understand about customer segmentation, targeting and funnels
  • You can define KPIs and work towards hitting performance targets
  • You can communicate in written English, although the main communication with our team will be in Spanish

Life at DailyBot

You’ll be supporting our growth marketing manager and working with a growth engineer and designers to set up the campaigns. You’ll be the key person with deep experience in Ads management in DailyBot and hence you will be leading the best practices.

In the first 2 weeks: you’ll understand the DailyBot vision and will learn about the current advertising experiments and setup we have, then you’ll define the best practices you need us to follow.

Within the first month: you’ll have the proper setup and instrumentation to run campaigns and you’ll be running the first campaigns in multiple channels as the first experiment, and you’ll be sharing updates to the team.

Within the first 3 months: you’ll be leading many campaigns and experiments, with A/B testing, and you’ll be suggesting to the team what kind of experiments are the best ones to pursue because of the return on investment you are seeing. You’ll be co-creating new strategies and launching/optimizing campaigns.

Location, compensation and perks

  • We are a fully remote team, we are looking for these positions ideally in Colombia/Latam
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Flexible working hours
  • Competitive salary (to be defined based on your expertise and time dedication)
  • DailyBot offers Stock Options to key positions
  • Extra yearly bonus for education

Apply now

To apply, please send your CV and motivation letter to