Why DailyBot + Microsoft Teams?

Why Dailybot with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows teams and entire organizations to communicate, distribute work and improve collaboration. People get connected through Microsoft Teams to solve problems and move big ideas forward.

DailyBot is the most advanced stand-up meetings bot that, when connected to Microsoft Teams helps you streamline your work.

Let DailyBot organize and run daily stand-ups and follow-ups for your team and see how productivity, impact and transparency increase in your organization.

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Stand-up meetings on cruise control

Fully automated daily meetings with your team orchestated by DailyBot and reported to channels and stakeholders.

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Asynchronous and simple

Optimize your team’s time, get daily updates from them regardless of location.

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Adapted to any timezone

Across continents or oceans, let DailyBot manage agendas for you.

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High impact on culture improvement

Discover team motivation and how transparency changes your team behavior.

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About this integration

Microsoft Teams is the new email inbox and water-cooler all in one, the place where your team meets to chat about work, big projects, random ideas or sports. When you’re inside Microsoft Teams you would prefer to do most of your work from within it. DailyBot is an integration that brings powerups and addons to run your Teams like a pro.

How does Microsoft Teams work?

Microsoft Teams is organized around teams, so instead of creating a ton of channels to organize conversations, you'll create teams and add channels under them. Add everyone you want to a team, then when you make a new channel, it'll be shared with everyone in that team by default. And if you already have organized your teams in Office 365 groups, you can import those into Microsoft Teams to speed things up.

What can I do with DailyBot in Teams?

DailyBot takes full responsibility for running the daily stand-ups across the different teams you have in your organization. You just have to set it up once and then DailyBot will be contacting each member of your team independently, asking for updates about work.

Do the stand-ups or follow-ups work with Agile or Scrum Teams?

You can configure the questions you want to ask across your organization. DailyBot comes with a built-in questions model that works really nice for Scrum or Agile teams. It automates questions like: what did you achieve yesterday? what are you planning to work on today? is there any blocker on the way?

Can I configure this chatbot without coding skills?

Absolutely! DailyBot does not require you to know anything about the complex technologies around bots or chat engines. You just have to follow some simple steps, few clicks around and you’re ready to start getting automated reports from your team.

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