Mental health and Covid-19 check-ins for remote teams

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Understand your remote team's mental health and promote healthy habits

How is your team feeling about WFH?
Let DailyBot help you on this 💙

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Periodic Covid-19 check-ins

We worked with doctors and designed a 6 question survey for Covid-19. You can run this check-ins regularly with DailyBot's automation to get information about how every person is feeling and whether someone needs attention.

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Strong privacy and anonymous if needed

You can define the privacy levels and decide who can see and analyze the responses/reports provided by the team. For example, you can run Ice Breaker surveys every Monday and post them into your chat channels.

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Mental health checks

We designed a 4 question periodic follow-up with the help professional doctors, these questions let you understand how is your team feeling and who might need some help, additionally you can benefit from DailyBot's automatic weekly tracking of motivation.

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Good hygiene practices tips

Once you complete a task report with DailyBot everyday, you'll get a hint or tip around the best practices for hygiene.

Enhance collaboration and make your team feel closer

DailyBot keeps the team in sync

Very simply, DailyBot will help you and your team stay organized and it helps you to achieve your goals.

Status reports and daily progress, made easy

DailyBot will follow-up with you and any member of your team. DailyBot can follow-up on any team project or activity.

Get reports from your team or work progress

Once DailyBot gets follow-up reports, it will share that information in your chat or email.

Make sure you keep that motivation up!

DailyBot checks what's going on with your peers and get reports about their motivation, week after week.

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