Remote management in the modern era

DailyBot takes care of aligning your teams with streamlined updates and automated reports. Plus, it creates a team culture of continuous recognition.

Reduce meetings

Embrace deep work without distractions

You'll see a radical change when you change your team mindset to keep only the necessary meetings.

You know some meetings could've been just an update and DailyBot is here for that.

Employees spend up to 30 hours per month in unproductive meetings. But not anymore.

Daily standups on cruise control

Valuable and periodic check-ins

Gather continuous feedback from your team members to understand how's their life, how motivated they are, how you as a manager can make their work or career better, what kind of work gives or takes out energy, and even get feedback for you.

DailyBot makes it in a friendly and efficient way.

Run automatically a mix of written 1-on-1s across the full organization and then have face-to-face (or virtual) 1-on-1s on top of it.

Daily updates, weekly executive check-ins

Focus on what matters

Keeping your team in-sync is priceless and DailyBot costs a lot less than not knowing what's happening.

With daily updates and status reports you can align your team and identify blockers as they're happening.

Get actionable insights to adjust your execution.

Use weekly check-ins with your exec team to align priorities and strategic view points.

Meeting prep

Help your team be always ready for that important meeting

"An unprepared meeting ends up in another meeting" — Yoda.

With DailyBot, you can create periodic follow-ups with your team in order to ask key questions for reflection before your weekly or monthly company meetings.

Align meeting goals, key topics for discussion and even the critical questions that should be answered when the meeting happens.

Searchable notes, adaptable to you

All in one app

DailyBot automation is simple to setup and it gives you a single point to read and learn what's going on with the team, the reports can be posted in your chat channels.

Search across history and identify actionable facts.

Connect apps to see what's happening in other tools outside DailyBot.

Customize. Integrate.

Express your creativity

With strong security and privacy

It's DailyBot the one that adapts to you. Create workflow automations with your own custom question templates.

Connect more than 2,000 apps with Zapier to process your responses in other tools.

Define shortcut commands so your team saves time.

Leading companies are transforming their management with DailyBot

Take DailyBot further

Product and Engineering

DailyBot includes built-in templates to help you build an Agile, transparent and focused organization.

Kudos and recognition

Improve your team culture with continuous recognition. Celebrate wins with Kudos.

Mood tracking

DailyBot checks how the team is feeling and gives you insights using a simple system.
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