A call for honesty right from the chat

Use anonymous check-ins and privacy settings to gather actionable insights on performance, behavior and work experience from a level playing field.
Build better teams because of it.

Level playing field for honest, critical feedback

Cater for diversity & inclusion

Critical feedback is important for development. Combine privacy with anonymity settings to provide a safe space across the entire organization.

Remove social barriers, make discussions about growth comfortable again, and leave space for diversity along the way.

Provide constructive criticism privately

Honest feedback is richer, better

Many of the feedback you get is unhelpful because people hold back.

DailyBot provides extensive customization so you can set up a private and anonymous environment where feedback can flow.

Involve only the teams and people you need in the reports, set up private channels and polls, and collect anonymous information.

React on feedback,
not people

And preserve relationships

We all have preconceptions. Avoid them when teammates are taking criticism and make sure everyone focuses on the feedback instead of who sent it.

Also, your team can more easily find patterns on the feedback by using multiple choice or numeric responses to collect their data. Use this opportunity to make positive changes.

Feedback where everyone gets a say with check-ins

Remove the barriers to team growth

DailyBot offers a comprehensive toolset for team collaboration.

Combine privacy and anonymity features with a set of configurable options for participating and sharing reports from the chat platform and build your team using the tools you already have.

It's timezone-friendly, conversational, easy to use, and highly customizable.

Thousands of startups and Fortune 500 companies use DailyBot on a daily basis. Are you ready to join them?

A toolkit for better feedback

Whitelist public and private channels

Control who can access by default.

Restrict access to a group of users

Let only the right people in.

Use different question types for increased anonymity

Make polls or open up discussions.