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Automate check-ins like daily stand-ups or surveys, track your team's mood and company culture, adopt command for the case of your everyday work life.
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DailyBot is the leading chat assistant for thousands of teams worldwide.

Your Discord server,
10x better:

“Happy customer here. ✌ Our devs, customer, and account teams are happily using it. We are super happy about it, we strongly recommend it for your organization"

Josue, Cofounder GuruHotel (YC-20)

About our Discord integration

How does Discord work?

Discord is a communication platform and messaging app for communities of all kinds. Just like a Slack workspace, you can set up a private server and collaborate with people through dedicated voice and text-based channels, also users can join multiple servers with only one account.

You can use DailyBot as a bot to make the experience richer. It adds a layer of automation and customization with your own commands.

What can I do with DailyBot on Discord?

DailyBot is coming out as the most advanced stand-ups and Agile bot for Discord, both because its adaptability and the options you have to integrate it with your flow and other tools.

DailyBot takes full responsibility for running the daily stand-ups and check-ins across the different teams you have in your organization. You just have to set it up once and then DailyBot will be contacting each member of your team independently, asking for updates about work and sharing those reports.

You can interconnect all your teams using one single DailyBot installation, this lets you create use cases for cross-team collaboration.

Additionally, DailyBot comes with built-in products like Kudos —for recognition and positive feedback— and automatic mood tracking. The commands features will let you customize your chat experience.

Is this good for Agile or Scrum workflows?

You can configure the questions you want to ask across your organization. DailyBot comes with a built-in questions model that works really nice for Scrum or Agile teams. It automates questions like: what did you achieve yesterday? what are you planning to work on today? is there any blocker on the way?

✅ Daily stand-ups or daily huddle
✅ Retrospectives
✅ Pre-planning prep check-ins
✅ Sprint health-checks
✅ Internal periodic product feedback

Can I configure this chatbot without coding skills?

Absolutely! DailyBot does not require you to know anything about the complex technologies around bots or chat engines. You just have to follow some simple steps, few clicks around and you’re ready to start getting automated reports from your team.

You can also integrate DailyBot with other tools and build more than 2,000 automations with Zapier.

A chat assistant built for modern work

Connected with the tools you use.
DailyBot is omnipresent, it works with different chat platforms and it integrates with tools to help you improve your workflows. It connects with Zapier, JIRA, Trello and more.

Built for automation and solid for every team

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