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We are committed to supporting accelerators, incubators and startups.

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Use DailyBot in your community chat channels for free, no restrictions

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Offer exclusive perks to all startups currently in your programs

The easy 3-step process

1. Sign a letter of intention
2. Communicate the new partnership with the public
3. Direct startups to apply for the perks

See the FAQs section for details ⬇️

FAQs: Learn how it works

About the Program

We are committed to supporting accelerators, incubators and startups.

DailyBot has created a program to support your community with special perks to help them build stronger and more efficient teams, and to provide the tools that startups need when they running at the bootcamp or acceleration program.

Perks for the Accelerator/Incubator

The main perk for your entity: we offer DailyBot 100% free for your community, you can install DailyBot on Slack, Discord, Teams or G Chat, and activate all the features you want. You get a Standard plan that you can use forever.

DailyBot can help you achieve multiple use cases for your community:

- Check-ins during the bootcamp: to help entrepreneurs stay focused and update the main KPIs.
- Resources directory: using Forms and in-chat interactions with forms, the entrepreneurs can interact with any resource/information you offer.
   - I.e. @dailybot investors search seed — this can be a DailyBot form that is searchable via chat
- Collect feedback with check-ins (periodically) or via forms at the end of a batch: you can run surveys like eNPS and others.
- Connect the community with random coffees, using the virtual coffee feature.
- Improve social connections with Water cooler chats, or recognition using our built-in Kudos feature.

Terms and Conditions

A formal agreement is considered when both accelerator/incubator and DailyBot have signed the letter of intention (this is provided by DailyBot’s team).

DailyBot will kindly request the accelerator/incubator to write a blog post or similar communication about the new perk, and DailyBot will help promote this through our channels. Our team will provide a special link to include in such communication.
   - Ideally: you will communicate the new perk to your current startups, we’d like all of them to benefit from this perk.

To get a perk, the startup should have a relationship with the accelerator/incubator and cannot be a DailyBot existing customer. Eligible startups: pre-seed, seed, series A.

In any communication/listing, please make sure to use our proper brand logo/assets. See this folder.

Listing DailyBot on your perks directory

If your entity has a directory of perks, please list DailyBot there, if not, please share the tool in a broadcast channel and include it in the resources you provide to the entrepreneurs in every batch.
- Name: DailyBot
- Short description: Keep your team in sync from anywhere. Automate workflows, daily stand-ups, improve efficiency, and save time for your hybrid and remote team
- Perk: 3 Months Free (no credit card required), 20% ongoing discount
- Long description:
   - Run async stand-ups, forms, kudos and automation
- Written daily stand-ups with automated reminders in-chat and with web analytics
        - Replace unnecessary meetings/status updates with DailyBot check-ins
        - Notifications and reports in chat channels or emailSearchable history and data export
   - Use DailyBot for:
Check-ins & Forms: for periodic surveys, polls, or data collection via chat
        🤩 Mood tracking: simple, with a weekly anonymous question👏 Kudos for team recognition: celebrate wins and promote positive feedback
        🤖 ChatOps: for quick definition of commands that respond with your own text or API integration
        🍅 Extras: pomodoro, countdown to milestone, virtual commute. Plus, Zapier integration, WebHooks...

        Best companion app for Slack, Discord, MS Teams, Google Chat and Telegram.DailyBot is trusted by thousands of teams, including IBM, Samsung, Pixar, and more.

Learn and adopt the practices that leading companies are following

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