Do more with DailyBot

DailyBot is your team's chat assistant.
And it adapts to you, connecting with thousands of apps to automate workflows and operations.

No coding required

Set up your integration in minutes

Automate actions based on the responses provided by your team members in DailyBot.

It works with any check-in or form on DailyBot, automate actions based on your stand-ups, retrospectives, 1:1 meetings or any of your custom reports.

Cut down on meetings

Our main goal is to reduce the amount of unnecessary meetings. This was our motivation to build DailyBot.

Most meetings could have been an email, right? Well, with DailyBot you can transform meetings into asynchronous check-ins or status updates.

The bot will contact your team individually, get reports and then share those with your team; plus: you'll have a written record of what's happened - with a web visualization layer, search and reporting tools.

A chat assistant, built for remote work

DailyBot becomes a member of your team.

It adapts to you to run team check-ins and it does magic by bringing you automated reports.

It's an asynchronous bot and eliminates unnecessary meetings. With built-in multi-timezone support, it manages all types of teams spread across the globe.

Remote teams using DailyBot get a productivity boost and experience better mood.

Agile Development

Adopt the routines of leading orgs

DailyBot includes built-in templates for running daily stand-ups, retrospectives, pre-plan meetings, sprint health-checks and even periodic roadmap feedback with your team.

The future of Management

Check-ins, continuous recognition, positive feedback and mood tracking on cruise control

The automated check-ins and follow-ups will open a new world for you. From 1-1s to Monday icebreakers, reading or learning clubs, journaling and more.

Mood tracking is fully anonymous to keep your team comfortable and the Kudos features don't require any setup.

Customize. Integrate.

Express your creativity

With strong security and privacy

It's DailyBot the one that adapts to you. Create workflow automations with your own check-ins.

Connect more than 2,000 apps with Zapier to process your responses in other tools.

You can also customize DailyBot's commands to run ChatOps from any chat channel.

Join thousands of teams that use DailyBot for improving team collaboration

Take DailyBot further

Mental health check-ins

Built-in surveys that help you analyze how your team is feeling about work from home, and more.

Mood tracking

DailyBot checks how the team is feeling and gives you insights using a simple system.


Customize DailyBot and use it to run chat commands to automate workflows.

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